Manufacturing Sanitary Self-priming Pump

Manufacturing Sanitary Self-priming Pump

Inoxcn has two types of self-priming pumps, one is the CIP-U series and another one is the CIP-L series.

Today we will be detailed introduce the U series.

  • high efficiency
  • hygiene
  • high reliability
  • low cost

CIP-U Seriers Self-Priming Pumps Catalogue

13 years manufacturing sanitary pump experience for dairy, food/ beverage, medicine/cosmetic, chemical.

No matter what style of sanitary self-priming pumps you want, based on our extensive experience, we can manufacture them.

Inoxcn Self-priming Pumps Technical Advantages

This series self-priming pump is a high-performance self-priming pump because its achieve 4 goals.

  • high efficiency
  • hygiene
  • high reliability
  • low cost
Sanitary Self-priming Pumps Manufacturer

With the help of fluid science software analysis and our more than 13 years of experience in sanitary pumps manufacturing and engineering applications, we have made a series of technology upgrades and optimization.

  1. Optimize impeller design, dead angle treatment, mechanical seal to guarantee them completely in the flushing area, Help productional line to makes its internal absolute sanitation for processing.

  2. Optimize external design, reduce the external dead angle of the pump to easy to be cleaned by CIP and sterilized by SIP for the production line.

  3. Reduces the highly professional requirements to maintenance personnel, because the pump cover adopts handwheel nut which keeps high efficiency in the maintenance of the pump and replacement of machine seal.

  4. Keep the pump maintenance and servicing and machine seal replacement efficient, because we optimize the pump outlet angle can be adjusted from 0° to 135°.
Inoxcn U Series priming-pump technical advantages

Data sheet

Max Inlet pressure0.5Mpa
Max Flow rate40m/h
Max Head 42M
Temperature range-10°C to 140°C (EPDM)
Max suction8M
Nosie level(at 1m): 60~80dB(A)
Voltage and frequency3~50Hz, 220~240V; 380~420/660~690/,△/Y
Motor sizes50Hz: 4, 5.5, 7.5kw
Material304 /316L. 1.431.4404. ASME BPE 316.1.4435 NB2 Fe≤0.5%
Surface treatment≤Ra0.8μm, ≤ Ra0.6μm, ≤ Ra0.4μm
Mechanical sealSingle seal, double seal
Inlet/ Outlet ConnectionThread, clamp, flange, aseptic range
Certification3-A-02- 10N.O.1579); MD/06/42-EC (N.O.70521616101-00); FDA 177 2600; USP CL ASS l EGMO1935/2004

We will have two types for your to choose from.

CIP-U self-priming pump with cover

CIP-U self-priming pump without cover

Various Configurations for Self-priming Pumps

sanitary self-priming pump threaded connection

Threaded Connection

sanitary self-priming pump clamp connection

Clamp Connection

sanitary self-priming pump nut connection

Nut Connection

sanitary self-priming pump Aseptic Flange

Aseptic Flange
(DIN 1 1864) Inlet/Outlet

Why Choose Us

  • Maintenance disassembly and installation can be completed without professional staff and special tools.
  • Initial use of installation debugging, even if a short reverse rotation will not be damaged.
  • Impeller and shaft are connected by keyway; impeller and mechanical sal rotating ring are connected by pin; mechanical seal static ring and pump body are connected by the special-shaped flange.
  • Compatible with single and double mechanical seal, only need to change machine seal.

Various Application

The CIP-U series self-priming pump is a liquid-ring pump that is specially designed for pumping liquids containing air or gas. The pump is used in food, chemical, pharmaceutical and similar industries. The pump can be used for CIP return.


  • Bear
  • Wort
  • Yeast
  • Water
  • CIP Solution

Dairy Products

  • Milk
  • Cream
  • Yogurt
  • Whey
  • Saline
  • CIP Solution


  • Edible Oil
  • Soup-sauce
  • Soup-stock
  • Flavoring
  • Ice cream mixture
  • CIP Solution

Other Application

  • CIP Solution
  • Storage tank empty

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