How we dispel the worry of customers about product quality

Some customers, especially some big distributors like the Third Party inspect the goods before delivery. This is one inspection report from our one of our big distributors which are in line with sanitary fitting, sch fitting, flange, and stainless steel fitting, etc., because some small scratch on some products, so some items are on pending, finally the defective quantity is very small, we use the new one to replace it, then our customer accepted it.

But the most important thing is that help us to improve our producing and packing process,99% of the scratches have occurred when moving and packing, so we have used paperboard to protect the producing when moving and asked our warehouse department pack them very carefully to avoid the scratches.

So for the first cooperation with our big customers,I suggest our customers use the Third Party to inspect the goods before delivery. It will help us to know our customers more specifically and avoid any issues after our customers received the goods in their warehouse.

Products Packing

Products Packing

More Details of Inspection Report

Because of the COVID-19, the customers couldn’t visit China easily these years, the Third Party Workshop inspection and goods inspection before delivery is a good solution for both suppliers and customers!

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